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MIND KEY [Metal/prog façon Symphony X /Italie]
« le: Lun 29 Juin 09 15:14:29 »
Mind Key est un groupe Italiens de Metal prog avec de bonne influence telle que Toto, Journey, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Winger, Whitesnake, Europe, Evergrey, signé chez Frontiers records au vu des extraits du prochain album celà me parait très intéressant .


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Re : Mind key- Metal/prog façon Symphony x /Italie
« Réponse #1 le: Lun 29 Juin 09 23:21:23 »
oui et pour completer, voici qques donnes de CR :
Citation de metalden:
A peine sorti leur premier cd (voir chro), les Italiens sortent déja un premier DVD

extraits ici :


1. Intro / Love Remains the Same
2. Lord Of The Flies
3. Deep Inside
4. Guitar Solo
5. Eye Of A Stranger
6. Memory Calling
7. World Of Illusion
8. Without Ann
9. Waiting For The Answer
10. Still Of The Night
11. Secret Dream

Citation de metalden:
En réponse au message "Re: Mind Key - metal prog" posté par boblama le 23/05/2008 22H16:

Retour des italiens pour leur 2eme album ce 3 juillet, et déjà melodic présente 4 extraits :

Frontiers Records announces the return of the Italian Prog Metal hopes Mind Key with the release of the band's second studio album entitled Pulse for a Graveheart on July 3rd in Europe, August 11th in the USA with a Japanese release to follow on King Records.
Mind Key debuted in 2004 with Journey Of A Rough Diamond, an album that showed the excellent potential of the Neapolitan combo. With a colourful sound, akin to Prog Metal giants such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Evergrey and Pain of Salvation Mind Key's music also leaned towards a more mature and song oriented approach inspired by 80/90's Hard Rock. Right before the release of the album the original singer Mark Basile left the group and in preparation of the tour dates, the guys met for the first time Aurelio Fierro Jr. a singer with a vast experience especially in theatres. He was able to give some splendid performances especially in the gigs that the band landed as support of Dream Theater for the Italian “Train Of Thought Tour 2004”. Mike Portnoy said: “These guys sound really excellent!”

Mind Key played then more live dates in support of Vision Divine and Pendragon and also appeared at the Progpower Europe Festival with shows in Poland, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and France. During the Polish dates, a Live DVD was recorded “Habemus Poland”, with Giorgio Adamo as frontman. However he soon left to make space for the return of Aurelio Fierro. Founding member and keyboardist Dario De Cicco explains: “We decided to go for Aurelio at the end of the songwriting sessions. Note after note, chord after chord we realized that the songs begged for Aurelio's voice and it seemed almost a necessary decision to make. I think we did the right choice as only with his astonishing performances we were able to reach what we really wanted from the new material”.

The band began the recording of the second album “Pulse for a Graveheart”, simplifying their songwriting and giving the chance to Fierro to showcase his immense vocal potential which can be described as a powerful mix of Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale and Jorn Lande. The album was later mixed and mastered by none other than Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Angra, Krokus, Place Vendome etc.) to ensure the best sounding quality. According to guitarist Emanuele Colella “We knew from the beginning that Dennis was the right choice! Since the first communication together a perfect synergy was built. He could understand our need and desire to combine a modern melodic metal sound with our progressive roots and an heavier edge. He could totally deliver what we and the music needed, he's just great”.

“Pulse for a Graveheart” also features some amazing guest musicians appearing such as Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Alice Cooper), who plays a keyboard solo on “Citizen of Greed”, Reb Beach (Whitesnake, Winger) on “Now Until Forever” and Tom Englund from Evergrey, dueting with Elio Fierro on “Graveheart”. Mind Key's line-up now includes: Aurelio Fierro on vocals, Emanuele Colella on guitars, Dario De Cicco on keyboards and Andrea Stipa on drums.

“Pulse for a Graveheart” introduces to the fans a completely re-designed band, with a mature attitude and astonishing songwriting. “I hope the new record will give Mind Key the chance to get rid of the label of «prog metal band in the style of....» and bring us to a different status. We aim to be a Metal band - still staying true to our diverse influences ranging from progressive to hard and melodic rock – but with a personal and trademark sound" concludes Andrea Stipa. Get ready for one the Prog Metal revelations of 2009!

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Re : Mind key- Metal/prog façon Symphony x /Italie
« Réponse #2 le: Ven 03 Juil 09 03:50:11 »

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Re : Mind key- Metal/prog façon Symphony x /Italie
« Réponse #3 le: Mer 02 Sep 09 16:07:04 »
Cet album est absolument énooorme ! purée que ça sonne bien !

On retrouve un peu de Symphony X, Jorn, voire certains passages un peu jazz-rock dans le style de Toto !

Très bonne découverte.  :love:

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MIND KEY - MK III - Aliens In Wonderland
« Réponse #4 le: Mer 18 Mar 20 14:08:03 »

Ci-dessous le nouveau vidéo clip avec les paroles du titre Psycho World, titre du troisième et dernier album de MIND KEY, "MK III - Aliens In Wonderland" qui est sorti le 12 juillet 2019.

Mind Key a sorti son premier album, "Journey Of A Rough Diamond" en juillet 2004 sur le label Frontiers.Leur deuxième album, "Pulse for a Graveheart" est sorti en 2009.

Le groupe est rejoint sur cet album par le nouveau bassiste Lucio Grilli (ex-Soul Secret) et le batteur Mirko De Maio (The Flower Kings, Hangarvain).

Tracklisting «MK III - Aliens In Wonderland»:
Alien au pays des merveilles
Hank (Les yeux flamboyants)
La haine à première vue
Hommes en colère
Hands Off Cain
Psycho World
Vertige (où souffle le vent froid)
Coeur pur

Produit par Dario De Cicco
Mixé et Masterisé par Riccardo Piscopo

Aurelio Fierro Jr. - Chant
Dario De Cicco - Piano et claviers;
Emanuele Colella - Guitares;
Lucio Grilli - Basse;
Mirko De Maio - Batterie

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Re : MIND KEY [Metal/prog façon Symphony X /Italie]
« Réponse #5 le: Dim 31 Jan 21 22:40:23 »
Marrant que les titres aient été traduits en français  ;)