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Concerts / Evergrey tour 2009
« le: Dim 05 Juil 09 11:39:40 »




New tour dates for the fall
Here are finally some concert dates for some of you to look forward to.

ALL these dates are confirmed by us and if nothing extraordinary happens (even if luck lately has not been on our side) they will all go on as planned. So run, crawl or do whatever you see fit in order to get your tickets before the promoters get cold feet

Hope to see all of you and there will probably be some more dates added but don't take that as a promise!

If anyone feels like they want to join as opening acts and have finances to support such a thing to there is still time even though we are right now sorting out a few bands. Send a mail and bio/anything else you feel is necessary to and you'll get a fair chance. Last day for applications is July the 30th.

The confirmed Evergrey concert dates:

16th September - Bochum, Germany
17th September - TBA, Czech Republic
18th September - Budapest, Hungary
19th September - Sofia, Bulgaria
20th September - Bucharest, Romania
21st September - Larissa, Greece
22nd September - Athens, Greece (Acoustic / MTV Headbangers Ball)
23rd September - Athens, Greece
24th September - Cluj Napoca, Romania
25th September - Belgrade, Serbia
27th September - Dudley, England
29th September - Milano, Italy
1st October - Paris, France
2nd October - Colmar, France

4th October - Baarlo, Netherlands
9th October - Drammen, Norway

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