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Hum pas clair du tout, j'ai plutôt l'impression qu'il cherche du soutien, c'est sa façon de fonctionner, mais bon à suivre. Je suppose que tu parlais de ce post :

"G’day MR family and readers, this is an insight into recent posts and comments.

As someone that has campaigned for this genre of music for 30 years on and offline, I have a quite incredible list of friends - fellow fans, artists, producers, work colleagues....I’m never short of someone offering their support to me or asking for my support as a favor to them.

I love what I do. WHY do I do this?
Hearing new music is something I’ve always craved. When I hear a new song and think “holy cow, how does this artist know exactly what I want to hear? How do they write songs this good?!!!”, I can’t wait to share that emotion with like minded people be it via a simple post, a review or a release via MelodicRock Records.

And speaking of MRR, every artist and every release on the label is something I believe in with my whole heart and mind. I can’t wait to hear from others if they feel the same way.

I’m honoured I have been able to talk about killer music via MR and now also help bring some of those fantastic releases to life.
MelodicRock Records has the most incredible lineup of releases underway for 2018 and I’ll be damned if underlying drama will distract me from what needs to be done - for the benefit of these artists, you the fans and hopefully the genre as a whole.

Sometimes however, you do have to stand up for what you think is right.
And over the course of 20+ years I have done that in several occasions, supporting artists taking a stand against a dishonest record label, or being part of an expose of someone’s behind the scenes bullshit. It’s important to hold people accountable if need be.

There are those of the view one should always accentuate the positive and perhaps refrain from pointing out the negatives. I respect that.
I’ve always been one to call bullshit when I see it, that’s just me.
I am going to let folks make their own comments and make up their own minds.

I have always tried to be a positive advocate for the many fantastic people in this business and the incredibly talented and determined artists who battle against so much to have their art heard.
So I will do just that and if I’m not promoting any particular artist or label, then know it is for a very good reason. It will be my silent protest.

Thanks for the messages of support and understanding and thanks to all for reading this.

I intend to do everything I can to attract positive karma in all my endeavours."
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